Services: Software Development

Maintenance: We are experts at resolving any irritating issues you may be experiencing with your current software applications.

Rescue: Our team is geared to respond rapidly to emergencies and can turn a full scale disaster into a minor technical hiccough before you even have time to reach for the valium.

Consultancy: Alternatively we can review and evaluate your software as it stands now and provide prompt, impartial, specialist advice on introducing new systems to increase productivity and save you time and money.

Amongst our areas of expertise are:

  • Commercial Software as desktop or server applications for specific tasks
  • Internal Infrastructure Programmes automating, simplifying and speeding up daily office tasks and communications
  • SMS & MMS based software for communications and alert systems

Bespoke Software

We believe individuality and creativity are the vital foundations of successful business and because no two businesses operate in exactly the same way, we can create bespoke software applications tailored exactly to your requirements.

We design and develop on different platforms as appropriate:

  • .NET, Windows, Win32, WinNT, WinCE
  • Linux

Problems with Bespoke Software?

  • Do you already have custom made software but know it needs updating or reviewing?
  • Have you been left high and dry with an unfinished system?

We have earned ourselves a formidable reputation for sorting out the apparently unsortable and with a little detective work are usually easily able to take up where anyone else left off. We can then help you with:

  • Continuing software development
  • Adding new functionality
  • Modifying existing code base
  • Implementing existing applications suitable for online use as web services

Amongst recent successful projects are:

  • File processing application developed in .NET for a client that receives large number of files containting records in different file formats and need to store those records in a database for easier management.
  • Software for the recruitment industry in VB for .NET environment supporting various databases including SQL Server and a number of output formats including XML (HR XML).


What our clients say

"Jianway Ltd Directors & Staff have provided a standard of work with attention to detail of the highest quality. Their diligence & confidentiality is refreshing, we look forward to working with them in the future."

Robert Lunt, Director, Image2000