About Jianway

Jianway Ltd was founded in 2004 by Jasmina Merdanovic and Rafi Utudjian and since then has quietly been building itself a considerable reputation in the field. Clients cite it as being exceptionally versatile when it comes to thinking creatively outside the box and have been impressed not only by an enviable tool kit of technical skills but by the meticulous standards applied by Jasmina, Rafi and their team to each project.

Founders overview

Rafi Utudjian

Rafi might perhaps best be described as a cyber detective, with an uncanny clarity of thinking when it comes to seemingly unsolvable software glitches. As co-founder of Jianway he has put his background in computer studies, software engineering and degree in Artificial Intelligence to good use.

Creating a company that can track down, sort out and present workable solutions for almost any software issue that's thrown at, it has been, he admits, a hard slog. But it's almost certainly this insistence on always going one step further than strictly necessary that has earned the company its grateful and increasing client base.

Prior to founding Jianway Rafi was undertaking a variety of consultancy projects such as implementing additional features for SmartServer, VB6 based CV processing software for job recruitment agencies. He was also designing and implementing dynamic websites including content management facilities for various clients. The website implementation varied but usually combined HTML, ASP, VB script, JavaScript and PERL.

Any query about leisure time activities is met with a somewhat blank look leaving the conclusion to be drawn that at this point in his career, leisure's not a word he's over familiar with.

Jasmina Merdanovic

Jasmina comes from an extensive IT and tutoring background. She confesses to holding strong views on most subjects and admits her main weakness is becoming so engrossed in projects that she simply can't switch off until each one's been completed to her satisfaction - and her standards are high!

She spent 4 years working as a tutor at the Hackney Community College where she taught a number of courses including Computing and Multimedia courses dealing with students from 16 - 60 which certainly honed her communication and team leading skills.

She lists her leisure activities as reading technical magazines (go figure!) listening to music and she enjoys translating between her native Serbo-Croat and English.

What our clients say

"They have been available to give advice throughout the creative process and they have quickly and efficiently come up with innovative solutions for all our technical requests."

Miro Miljevic, Founder, greenorbit.org