Desktop Timer Software Application - User Guide


Latest Desktop Timer version uploaded on 3rd December 2008.

When the file is downloaded, extract files and run DesktopTimer.msi to install the application.

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Desktop Timer Overview

Desktop Timer can be used to track time spent using computer applications. We use it to improve efficiency and accuracy in project management.


Preferences screen contains settings for the application management, Manager screen and timers' configuration. See Preferences screenshot for an overview of available settings.


Manager screen contains timer management functions. See Manager screenshot.


Timer is added by selecting Add Timer option from system tray application menu or from the Manager screen. Once created, timer can be started, stopped and reset.

Unwanted timers can be deleted. All timers, including deleted timers, will be available in the timer logs.

Timer Logs

Timer logs can be viewed in 2 formats, Grid View and Gantt Chart View. When in Grid View, timer logs can be exported as CSV or HTML files.

Log file "log.xml" containing information about timers is stored in "...\My Documents\Desktop Timer" folder by default.

Application screenshots

Please click on an image to open its larger, better quality version.

Desktop Timer application Screenshot of Desktop Timer
Desktop Timer Preferences Screenshot of Desktop Timer Preferences screen
Timer Manager Screenshot of Desktop Timer Manager screen
Logs - Grid View Screenshot of Desktop Timer Logs screen - Grid View
Logs - Gantt Chart View Screenshot of Desktop Timer Logs screen - Gantt Chart View